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Even with the rapid growth in electronic communication, in many quarters the printed word still holds sway and it is not unusual for clients to prefer to hear from you in ‘black and white’.

Media Releases

You have your own distribution network of journalists and publications, but don’t have the time or the inspiration to write the media releases ...



Ideas, words, communication!  We’ll put a new angle on your presentation - add a face to your figures and a shot of vodka to your juice.



It’s that dreaded time of year - the annual sales conference.  Again. And you have to come up with an interesting way of presenting the same old stuff.  Again. 

Do not despair.  Help is at hand.  

We’ll help you put a new angle on your presentation, add a face to your figures and a shot of vodka to your juice.

Whether your presentation has to take a formal and serious tone, or if you prefer it to be fun and entertaining – we can assist you in compiling the content, doing background research if necessary, and putting together the presentation screens or other aids. 

  • Sales Presentations
  • Boardroom Presentations
  • Speeches, Seminars or Talks
  • Guest Appearances, Awards Ceremonies, etc.

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