Corporate Communication

Corporate CommunicationYou know what you want to say, but need some fresh ideas on how to get your message across.  For professional copywriting of publications, media releases, presentations, electronic media content (internet, mobile telephone campaigns) and more …

Corporate Narrative - tell your story in your way

Companies, like people, have individual personalities.  And your company has its own personality, too.  The way you communicate with the outside world as well as internally, is a clear reflection of this.  Your words might be big, bold and brassy, or elegantly refined.  Your form of expression could be free-flowing and effusive or more formal and circumspect. 

As part of your company’s Corporate Image or CI, a crucial element in how your brand looks and feels is also how it ‘sounds’! Your Corporate Narrative thus comprises both the story of your business and how you narrate the tale.

You have invested much in developing your corporate narrative:  we will ensure that this defining linguistic style is maintained in all your communications.  From confidential internal memoranda to global publications.

We will guide you in defining and refining your Corporate Narrative and help you tell it in your particular style.