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Our Story

You have probably never read a newspaper article or press release that mentions Omega International Marketing Services, but you will certainly have read many that were written by us. It is unlikely that you would have attended a seminar presented by Omega International, but if you are in the hospitality industry the odds are good that you would have been exposed to training material conceptualized by our organization.

You may never have read a word about Omega International in Spain or Russia, but if you’ve ever booked a hotel on the Ramblas or investigated investment options in the Black Sea region then you have certainly read the words that we have penned. If you have ever been to an international trade fair, a global distribution conference or sales meeting and sat in the audience enjoying a presentation by a conference speaker, the well-prepared screens, novel ideas and carefully crafted words could quite possibly have been compiled with the aid of our ghostly helping hand.

And being the 'friendly ghost' is the nature of our business.  We are there for you when you need us, but always in the wings behind the scenes, never in the foreground - making sure that our clients look and sound their best.

And who are our clients?

Our clients include government tourist offices, global hotel chains, international business consultancies and major media houses, yet we are equally proud to say we have put many a former ‘mom-and-pop-shop’ on the international circuit, too.  When it comes to specialization, our undoubted area of expertise is tourism marketing, and we have carved ourselves an enviable niche in this competitive market.  Because of the often confidential nature of the projects we assist with, one of the key elements in our highly personalized service is discretion, so a list of our clients does not form part of this website:  our work speaks not for itself, but for our clients.

We lend a helping hand

Omega International Marketing Services was founded by Deseré Orrill in 1996, to provide marketing support on a consulting or project basis to individual companies within the hospitality and communications sector.

Drawing its resources from a pool of independent hospitality marketing professionals, the company provides a wide range of services from in-depth market analyses through conference and workshop organization to corporate communication concepts covering printed materials, new electronic/digital channels, corporate theatre (and more) plus translation services for international markets.

For special projects when the workload is unusually high, Omega International Marketing Services can be called in on an ad hoc basis to supplement the existing marketing department of organizations both large and small.  For companies which do not have a dedicated marketing division, Omega International steps in to handle one-off projects or provide ongoing monthly marketing support.

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