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Corporate Communication

Corporate CommunicationYou know what you want to say, but need some fresh ideas on how to get your message across.  For professional copywriting of publications, media releases, presentations, electronic media content (internet, mobile telephone campaigns) and more …

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WebText Optimization

By carefully wording the textual content of your website in English, it can greatly enhance the probability of the site being located more quickly, frequently and by more search engines.

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TranslationsNot every message can simply be ‘translated’ by exchanging one set of words for a similar set in another language.  For the meaning to be accurately conveyed, often the frame of reference or context needs to be adapted, too.  So, don’t let your words be ‘lost in translation’.

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Mobile Marketing

The world is going mobile!

Just as a few years ago companies were rushing to build their websites and an online presence, now the mobile wave is spreading across the globe, and companies are realizing that the mobile channel - cellphone, ipod, ipad, kindle .... and other form of mobile device - is where marketing growth and opportunities lie.

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Corporate Gifting

Corporate GiftingEveryone loves receiving a gift, especially if it is unique, or comes as a surprise from out of the blue.  And your clients are no exception!  Make the right impression with a corporate gift that shows forethought and attention to detail.

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Corporate Stories, Films and Theatre

For your next product training, sales seminar, in-house team building event or just for fun, why not use the world’s most ancient, tried and tested form of communication?

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