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TranslationsNot every message can simply be ‘translated’ by exchanging one set of words for a similar set in another language.  For the meaning to be accurately conveyed, often the frame of reference or context needs to be adapted, too.  So, don’t let your words be ‘lost in translation’.

When dealing with international or multi-lingual markets, professionally translated promotional material is an essential ingredient for your success.  Don’t allow a flawed or ‘foreign-sounding’ translation of your promotional material to mar its impact.  Ensure that your message makes the best possible impression on your audience.
We specialise in translations for the hospitality, tourism and other related consumer industries.  Our network of translators has been built up over the years to include hand-picked professionals, based in locations around the globe and each a mother-tongue speaker of the target language.

Need a translation in a hurry?  Don’t worry – with our ‘express service’ you will have the required texts in the required language within 12 to 24 hours.

We offer :

  • English translations from original texts in German, French, Italian, Dutch 
  • Translations from English into any of the above languages
  • English copywriting for all promotional material
  • Texts can be processed in various programs and formats and can be delivered in print ready form, if required.
  • Proof-reading service in all languages
  • Preparation of professional press-kits
  • Express service on request

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