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WebText Optimization

By carefully wording the textual content of your website in English, it can greatly enhance the probability of the site being located more quickly, frequently and by more search engines.

Every picture tells a story, this is true.  And visual imagery makes the first impact, yes. This is why the structure, layout, colours and pictures on your website are so significant.   But before your clients can have the pleasure of viewing your terrific looking site, they have to be able to FIND it on the World Wide Web.

And this is where WORDS come into it…

We will help you to determine the key phrases that identify your business most succinctly and which are most likely to be entered as search words by potential clients.  With careful phrasing, these terms can be incorporated into the textual body of your website, where they form an integral part of your company and product message, thus fulfilling a dual role of INFORMING your clients and OPTIMIZING your visibility on the web.

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